Support Paul Anderson for Senate

I am Paul Anderson, your next MN Senator from Senate District 59. I want to share with you what I believe in, what I consider my top priorities, and how together we can live up to the promise of the American Dream.

The Threat from Within:

Capitalism may be an unequal distribution of wealth, but socialism is an equal distribution of misery.  Without wealth, there is nothing to distribute, and without a market driven economy and responsible government spending, there is no wealth.  But the radical Democrat leadership refuses to believe that.  THEY want Socialism.

The message being sent by these radicals is defending destruction, accepting lawlessness and increasing government control over every aspect of our lives. This is unacceptable.

I work in my current capacity as a Republican party leader to bring positive change; and I have abandoned hope that Democrats are able to contain their zeal for everything progressive.  Look at the agenda, words, and actions of the U.S. House Representative from our Fifth Congressional District, Ilhan Omar, to understand my concern. 

2020 has been a turning point for our state, combining both the Governor’s heavy-handed response to a pandemic and more recently the unprecedented and violent civil unrest.  These events are bringing to test the very nature of our government. It is a challenge that we do not want to leave to the Democrats; they brought us to where we are over many decades, and we need to change direction.

Here are my top issues where we need Republican leadership:

  1. We are experiencing an unacceptable breakdown in public safety and a rise in crime.
  2. For decades, there has been a never-ending expansion of ineffective policies in housing, education, and health insurance.
  3. We deliver substandard education in many of our schools, despite how much money we spend.
  4. This summer, we were overwhelmed by destructive protests that damaged dozens of local small businesses.
  5. Not only have our city councils called to defund our police; they are taking unilateral action to do so.
  6. We suffer a relentless effort to silence our freedom of speech and to deny our right to bear arms.
  7. Immigration control is under assault and overloading our capacity to take care of our own citizens.
  8. We have an increasingly reckless series of promises where the government pretends it can solve all of society’s problems; such as the Green New Deal, elimination of private health insurance to be replaced by Medicare for all, and many others that can never be achieved because of the tremendous and irresponsible budget implications.
  9. And finally, there is an organized ideological threat to our form of government, which we need to defend against.

Underlying all my positions is a firm belief in our constitutional republic, which is the foundation of our union, and imperfect as it may have been throughout history, society strives to always make it better.  Our form of government is simply the best ever created.

This is no time to dilute our form of government, accept lawlessness as the new normal, open our borders without restriction, or tolerate any of the other failing progressive agendas that the Democrat party so feverishly pursue. 

As your senator, I will give voice to your values and follow my strong belief that the United States of America is the best country in the world.  

Prepared and paid for by Paul Anderson for SD 59 Senate Committee, PO Box 141211, Minneapolis, MN 55414-9998